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Bulgarian Association Cat Friends
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The non-profit association “Cat friends” was established by a group of volunteers in the spring of 2007 in help of the thousands of stray cats, of cats who were abandoned by unconscientious owners, battered, hurt by dogs and cars, or ones looking for home for another reason..


Please visit our association's page on Facebook for the latest news, photos and stories about our cats.


Our mission:
- Looking for adopters or foster care for cats in need;
- delousing;
- vaccination;
- vet help for the needy;
- castration for decreasing of the population;
- finding of new owners by advertisements or charity undertaking;
- popularizing our activity and attracting new adherents.. 


If next to each good being
stands at least one more,
oh, such life will begin,
that I just tell myself “I hope so”.

When it is hard for you,
do not hesitate,
don’t suffer just like that,
come, friend,
and give me your paw,
I will give you a hand. 

adherent of “Cat friends” 

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