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Annual report on the activity of Cats Friends Association for the year 2007
At the first of its kind ZooExpo held on 13th January 2007 at the Earth and Man museum, our Association presented 25 cats and kittens, out of which 11 were successfully adopted. The rest were returned to the people temporarily fostering them.
At the second ZooExpo, held on 25th June 2007 in Borisova Gradina, we presented 40 cats and kittens, of which 4 were adopted.
Throughout the year 2007 25 kittens of different ages were adopted in Bulgaria, while 7 kittens and an adult cat were sent for adoption in Switzerland. Another adult cat with chronic rhinotracheitis was also sent to Switzerland and has since been successfully adopted.
In June 12 cats were removed from an animal collector in the Sofia. Two of them have since died due to illness and the remaining ten have been adopted in Bulgaria, Germany and Switzerland (three in Switzerland and one in Germany). Meanwhile, all cats in the house have undergone several courses of antiparasitic treatment, one was treated for scabies and fungal infection and two other also received medical treatment. One of the young male cats underwent a lengthy treatment for asthma; while another had to receive surgery – due to being shot at he was missing an eye and had a hole in the palate.
In the Manastirski Livadi district six male and female cats were neutered and returned back.
In the Krasna polyana district, a mother cat was spayed and returned to the place from which she was taken, while her seven kittens were successfully adopted.
In August eight cats were sent for adoption in Switzerland.
An unwanted cat with multiple tumours of the mammary glands was removed from the place of an elderly woman in the Lyulin district. After several operations and an extended treatment course, the cat was adopted in Germany.
In the beginning of September 2007 seven adult cats and two kittens were successfully removed from the flat of a deceased elderly woman. After undergoing antiparasitic treatment, the kittens were returned to the public space around the apartment building as they were nearly feral. All adult cats were neutered. One of them was suffering from an extremely grave from of mucometra and died despite undergoing surgery. One of the male cats had severe liver problems and he, too, died, despite a lengthy treatment. One female and one male cat were adopted in Germany, while the remaining three animals were placed with a person in Bulgaria, with the food and toilet expenses covered by the Association.
In September 2007 two cats were removed from the flat of an elderly woman who had passed away. The cats were mother and daughter, aged five and one. The older cat had a massive mammary tumour, caused by hormonal therapy for oestrus suppression. Despite the immediate surgery which she underwent, she died after several days of treatment, due to a malignant adenoma. The younger cat was spayed and sent to Germany, where she was placed at a local centre and is awaiting adoption.
Help was rendered to a male cat that was hit by a car and was left by his owners without being treated or even examined by a doctor. Unfortunately, we were informed about this case too late and despite our intervention the cat died.
An old male cat was found on the street in helpless condition and was diagnosed with acute liver insufficiency. Despite the attempts to help him, he died in a clinic.
In October we launched our very first website, in which we posted information about all the cats awaiting adoption.
In December 2007 we received a signal about numerous cats being kept in a basement in the Druzhba district, where they were subjected to violence. After numerous visits we managed to remove 19 cats in total. One male cat had already been poisoned with antifreeze and died shortly after he was brought to a veterinarian. Many of the cats were suffering from respiratory infections and had to receive treatment at the clinic where they were placed. All cats were neutered (with the exceptions of several three-month old kittens, whose age did not allow for such a manipulation). Two cats were deemed unfit for socialisation and were thus released outdoors, in a safe place, where they receive food regularly. Two cats were placed with a person, with the food and toilet expenses covered by us. The kittens, as well as five of the adult cats, were adopted in Bulgaria, while the rest were sent to different shelters in Germany to await adoption.
Several kittens received eye treatment, as well as treatment for rhinotracheitis, after which they were returned to the places where they were originally found.
Throughout Sofia we have neutered about 30 cats, which were subsequently returned back to the places from which they were picked.
Maria Dimitrova,
Chairperson of Cats Friends
9th August 2008
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